How my contribution will help “Shtandart”?

In order to keep “Shtandart” putting out to sea we have to repair it, replace worn-out rigging and sails, we need to maintain a professional crew (navigators, mechanics, cook, manager, etc.) and a variety of things obligatory for the ship to take the sea safely.

Your personal donation will help to supply maintenance of the ship and the crew and will keep an opportunity for everyone regardless of prosperity to touch a living history. It may turn into a part of a sail that will be spread in far seas, or bright paint on a board side, or fuel essential for safe return to port in rough weather. It may be used to pay for electricity and let young shipbuilders stay in warm and light training workshop.

Examples of expenses:

  • fuel for 1 hour sailing in a head wind – €70;
  • watering for 4 days – €65;
  • insurance for one voyage (5 days) – €140;
  • annual lifesaving appliance check – €450;
  • worn-out sail replacement (100 sq. m) – €1130.
If you would like to help us to work out certain problems, for example, to pay transport fare for volunteers to get the ship or to fix up the crew with new uniform, do not hesitate to contact us.